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BURNING NEWS VOL. 1: Welcome to our Universe

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Greetings beloved Burners! The time has come to open a new chapter in our lives and once again to be connected as one family. This magical newsletter will reach you every month - we will keep you updated with all the best things happening in Lithuania and the world. You see, when we stand united, anything is possible. You probably heard the news that thanks to you (Lithuanian Burners) and the amazing, global Burning Man community, save BRC reached the $1.5 million goal (and more)!

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Do you have an art project that needs funding? Lithuanian Council of Culture can help you - check out the open calls for Grants for the Arts. HURRY as the applications are closing on the 1st of December.

Culture Nights 2021 are waiting for your input - please get involved with your ideas and suggestions. Please email us at so we can dazzle the night!

Next Year's Burn Event

We can all agree that Amber Burn was one of the most magical events in 2020. From sparkling installations to amazing sculptures... From outstanding theme camps to so many happy faces and smiles! It was an absolute joy to be a part of this wonderful gathering!

So you might be wondering - what about the next year? Will we have a burn? Where it will take place?

Let's meet and discuss the next year's Burn in detail on 26th of November, 19:00. Everybody is welcome, please join and help us building our BURN 2021! We promise that you will be in the epicentre of ... EVERYTHING! PLEASE FILL IN THE FORM IF YOU'D LIKE TO ATTEND


We are building a database of our almighty creativity and we need YOU! We want to use your unique skill set for events, projects and the happiest of things!

Please contact us on so we can include you in any future projects - with YOUR help we can make the world a more interesting and fabulous place!

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