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BURNING NEWS VOL. 3: Well hello there Beautiful People!

It’s February and our hearts are full of Hope and Love. A lengthy lockdown has affected all of us in different ways, but we wouldn’t be Burners if we didn’t persevere and prosper!

You must have been curious to know if Burning Man will commence this year… Well, they don’t know just yet! A full update can be found here.

Whatever happens, remember, what truly makes us Burners has nothing to do with our attendance at Black Rock City. It’s much bigger and beyond - our creativity, innovation and participation for and with the community.

So get involved! In this issue, we invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Burners from around the world.



All You Need Is LOVE!!! Check out stories from Friendlandia and Pink Heart, two heartwarming theme camps whose communities celebrate love, in all its forms.


Burning Man Live podcast episode on our fellow Burner Mike Zuckerman. Zuck spent most of last year on the ground in Uganda, working with the people of Nakivale, a refugee settlement of 120,000 near the Tanzanian border. Together they built civic spaces including an amphitheatre, a library, a radio station, and a Virtual Reality room in a shipping container, which they used to connect Nakivale to the Burning Man online multiverse last summer.


Let out your inner artist in a painting session - SpiritSpace Art from the Heart (21st of February). Explore emotions through creativity and have the opportunity to receive spiritual insight into what each one produces. The theme this time is Strength.


Share your gift in Dreamers’ Lab: YIN YANG (27th of February). It’s An open invitation to all who Dare to Dream Big, who are ready to take that first step to put their Dreams into Action, who want to use their Gifts and Talents to inspire other Dreamers to do the same.


Sit down, relax and enjoy the premiere screening of “Pedacito de la Tierra (A Little Piece of Home)” - a global movement to create sustainable spaces of hope and refuge for people experiencing migration, beginning at the U.S./Mexico border.


Even when restricted we can‘t stop burning with ideas on making the world a cosier place to live. That‘s why a small bunch of us pushed our own power buttons and worked really hard to present a colourful art project for „Kuriu Vilnių“ programme. Traditional Lithuanian style window shutters and trims would adorn a Soviet era residential building in Vilnius, Naujamiestis district. We hope to incorporate a hidden message of 10 Burning Principles within the design – a feature seen only at night. Check out the visual and keep your fingers crossed for our project to materialize!


Our mini bike invasion workshop was a part of “Zero waste” festival this year. Watch all about it here!


Fact 1: sitting on your ass all day is BORING!

Fact 2: we want to help you keep your muscles and bones moving!

Solution: it's more fun if we exercise together!

It doesn't matter if it is yoga, fitness, cardio, dance or whatever makes us move it move it. So we are on the lookout for like-minded people to join us!✨

👉 Are you missing out on your favourite exercises because you have become a fossil?

👉 Would you like to learn something fun and new?

👉 Are you a trainer who would be happy to help and guide an exercise-hungry group of people to get fit?

👉 We all know how hard it is to start exercising alone. So don't! Join us and let's do it together!

We are moving 2-3 times a week for now. Contact for joining! :)

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