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Degantis Jonas / Degošais Janis (DeJa), since 2012

Degantis Jonas (Burning John) - a small local gathering started in 2012 in Lithuania, Ukmergė district as the first Burning Man inspired event in Baltic States. As a rule, it followed and promoted 10 guiding principles. Event took place during Summer Solstice celebration (locally called Joninės - John’s day) - the same day as the first Burning Man event in San Francisco, so it was very symbolic to build and burn a very own human effigy, named John. 

In 2014 Degantis Jonas event was renamed into its Latvian equivalent – Degošais Janis – and was held on Lithuanian and Latvian border gathering burners from the whole Baltic region and beyond. Degošie Janis is still happening as a non-official Burning Man event inviting a small group of burners to celebrate Summer Solstice together.


Vilnius Decompression Events, since 2017

“Decompressions started as a way for us to celebrate and cope with challenges of re-entry. Along the way they have become cultural showcases and a way to bring what we love about our culture to our year-round cities and unite “Home” with where we live. For me, they offer proof that we can bring some of what we love about our temporary cities to our year-round lives and communities.”

- $teven Ra$pa (Burning Man’s Community Events Producer)-

"Vilnius Decompression in Space 2017" was the first official regional Burning Man decomp event in Lithuania. "Tea Party at the End of the Universe 2018" and the "Lithuania Decompression: Reflections of Fireflies 2019" were held in secret location.

A decompression event or decomp is a local gathering of Burning Man participants and those who are interested in Burner culture to share feelings, art, performances and memories. It is a perfect place for burners to help ease themselves back into everyday society after the “big Nevada event” and for newcomers to get some dusty flashbacks from playa. Decompression is about co-creation, community and people - it brings art, performances, workshops and music together.

Decomp as all Burners events are run entirely by volunteers following the 10 core principles of Burning Man. We all, including YOU, create this community gathering to escape the everyday reality exchanging it with a more interesting one.


Regional Burns, since 2020

Baltic Burn 2019 was the first offcial regional burn in Lithuania.  The burn was named Amber Burn in 2020. 

Amber Burn is a locally organized burn in Lithuania that is run entirely by volunteers following the 10 core principles of Burning Man – self-expression, self-reliance, community, no commerce, leave no trace, participation, inclusion, gifting, co-operation and immediacy. We all, including YOU, will create a more expressive and interesting reality.

As part of the Burning Man family, we are a community where everyone is welcome. No prerequisites exist for participation. It’s an environment that encourages the individual to rely on their inner resources and creativity.

More about Amber Burn: 

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