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Art projects
Blukis, 2011
Blukis 2011.jpg
Velokinas, 2012

An idea to create Velokinas - a sustainably powered cinema showcasing Lithuanian films in the middle of the desert - was born to Jonas Dovydėnas, who wanted to draw attention to ecology and energy saving alternatives. Electricity for video projector and audio equipment was generated by festival participants pedalling 8 bicycles collaboratively.

Blukis Core, 2012
Blukis Core 2012.png
Dream Catcher's Dream, 2012

Dream Catcher's Dream was another installation created by Ieva Marija Dautartaitė. It travelled to several events in Lithuania and Europe before it reached Burning Man.

Lituanica Birds, 2013
Lituanica Birds 2013_burn.jpg
Silicone Meadow, 2014
Silicone meadow_night.jpg
Dance for the Dawn, 2017
Dance for the Dawn_BM.jpg
The Bird with the God's ear, 2017
The Bird with Gods Ear.jpg
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