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We are a bunch of unique and colorful personalities inspired by Burning Man culture and united by the mutual passion – to create something magical out of a thin air. Well, this statement is not entirely true, as we fill the air thick with creativity, laughter and good vibes whenever our minds and souls merge!

As a result, we have gifted a number of art pieces for Burning Man event and have a few local theme camps packing their gear for Black Rock City each year. However, we believe that a burner is not the one who has tasted the dust of Playa, but the one, who strives to manifest the values described in the 10 principles of Burning Man in their daily life too.

That’s why we make ourselves busy with local art projects and events involving like-minded individuals, who volunteer in sharing tasks and responsibilities and gift their time and effort to make a change (at least a small one!) in our immediate surroundings.

There are a lot of areas for self-expression, so everyone is welcome to join! We are not going to stop burning any time soon!

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Lithuania Burners Community is a volunteer based community, that is opened to everyone. Becoming a part of it is a great way to know oneself more and express your inner self through creativity with like-minded people. Implementing of art projects, building, volunteering, organizing events, doing workshops, creative brainstorming  about what we can do better both in our community and around us - and that's just a part of what we do. If you find yourself interested - JUMP IN THE BOAT!

Together we can do much more than doing things alone.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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