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Decompression: Mystical Creatures

"Decompression started as a way for us to celebrate and cope with challenges of re-entry. Along the way they have become cultural showcases and a way to bring what we love about our culture to our year-round cities and unite “Home” with where we live. For me, they offer proof that we can bring some of what we love about our temporary cities to our year-round lives and communities."

- $teven Ra$pa (BM Regional Network Coordinator)

Decompression: Mystical Creatures is a local gathering of burners in Lithuania. It is run entirely by magical volunteers like YOU following the 10 core principles of Burning Man.

We all, including YOU, will create this community gathering to escape everyday reality and enter the land of Mystical Creatures. It is a perfect place for burners to reunite again in a more comfortable environment and ease themselves back into everyday society yet one more time to show off that inner creature power!

Decompression is about co-creation, community, and people—you don’t come to the party—YOU are the party! We invite you to bring art, perform, share a workshop, play some music, and create magic together.

What to expect?





Never ending awesomeness

What else?

Comfortable and warm sleeping spaces (shared with everyone)

Plenty of showers and bathrooms


Hot tub


Fire pit

Fire grills

Small kitchen


All Lithuanian citizens MUST have a valid Opportunity Passport. All foreign nationals must have a valid European Green Pass/Vaccination Proof/Negative PCR test result/Negative antigen test results. Don't come to the gathering if you feel any symptoms: let's stay safe and healthy. Temperature measurement and tests on gates or during the event might be applied to each participant in order to protect our health.

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