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The Glowing Magic of the Afterburn Gathering in Latvia

During the last weekend of September, accompanied by a warm Indian Summer weather and some rain showers in a remote and well-hidden location in Latvia, the Afterburn event took place. We all needed to park in a parking lot and go on a wicked trail to get to the Afterburn spot. The howl of a cute and lovely gang of sled dogs and an illuminated ancient wooden house together with a warm Tipi greeted the traveler who succeeded to pass the trail trial and reach the magical forest full of beautiful moss and mushrooms—where the event participants had set their tents. The event had no tickets, thus art, sound, food, and a bar were all based on what people had brought with themselves on their backs as a donation or a gift. And sure it was that more than plenty of gifts were shared. DJs were swapping contagious melodies while bartenders were serving drinks, tea, cookies & chocolate. Orgasmic Cake baking workshops were accompanied by a drinking water workshop in Sunday when it had been so, so hard to say our goodbyes. And on that sunny day it was such a great view to watch the string of the spider web taken by a blow of the wind then gently twisted and spun around like that invisible thread of love that had been shared between people coming from Riga, Vilnius, and Prague for the Afterburn weekend.

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