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Amber Burn Media Policy

Amber Burn is a private event held on a voluntary basis and coordinated by community association “Lithuania Burners” bendruomenė (LBB).

Community people are willing to express themselves in all creative and bizarre ways following their hearts and fantasies at Amber Burn. Some of us seek for a safe place to be, act and look somehow different from our everyday and official lifes. Therefore everyone participating on Amber Burn should respect each other's privacy and to not take or publicize visual materials of the participants without their prior consent.

Moreover Amber Burn is a regional Burning Man event that follows the 10 principles of Burning Man including Decommodification, meaning no commercial use of visual materials and names of Amber Burn & Burning Man is allowed.

All publicity of the Amber Burn should be coordinated with the LBB and executed with a written agreement from LBB.

All that being said, you have a right to express yourself and create art as a photographer, videographer, and/or audio artist. Therefore we ask you to mind the following requirements for usage of all and any audio-visual materials taken in the Amber Burn event.

The Consent Rule:
Please ask people in your frame if they consent to be taken on your photo or video.

Please mind that people have a right to change their minds at any time after the consent was given.

Before publishing visuals on your personal social media sites or elsewhere for your personal use, please be super cautious and use your common sense with visuals that are bizarre and may compromise the persons in your frame if shown to the public. In such case, if you want to use the visuals, please make sure that the consent is still valid outside of Amber Burn.

Personal Use:
After the Consent is provided, Amber Burn participants are welcome to use photos, videos, and audio recordings obtained at the event for their personal use, which includes:

  • Sharing with your friends and personal social media networks.

  • Displaying on personal websites—as long as the websites do not sell any products or services, do not pretend or appear to be an official Burning Man or Amber Burn website, and the Good Practice of respecting author’s rights is followed.

  • Sharing and posting is permitted when you have the consents and as long as the posts aren’t commercial in any manner and the accounts aren’t used for purposeful promotion. You may not directly monetize any media through paywalls or advertisements.

Non-personal use includes (and is prohibited without EYE PASS permission and LBB written contract):

  • Publishing photos in a printed or online book, magazine, or newspaper.

  • Using footage in a professional quality video.

  • Displaying images on a non-personal website or in a gallery show.

  • Using imagery in a documentary or TV show.

  • Distributing media to any third-party group or publication. This includes offering photos for publication, or making any commercial or promotional use of event media.

  • Otherwise using it for financial gain, OR being widely distributed beyond your personal network of friends and family.

EYE PASS permission:
If you wish to use visuals for Non-personal purposes, you are required to :

  1. Apply for EYE PASS permission prior to an Amber Burn event

  2. Sign the EYE PASS contract when the permission is granted

  3. Wear EYE PASS permission sign during the event and follow the Consent Rule.

  4. Mind that under the EYE PASS contract all visuals done by you are co-owned by LBB

  5. Coordinate the intended Non-personal usage of the visuals with LBB

  6. Sign written contract with LBB establishing Non-personal usage terms and conditions.

In case you have NO EYE PASS permission and/or take photos, videos on your personal mobile phone or camera, the same rules apply:

  • Consent of people is required (as per Consent Rule above)

  • Non-personal use is prohibited, unless coordinated with LBB as per legally binding contract in advance.

  • Intellectual property requirements are met.

Intellectual property requirements:
The Amber Burn symbol, name and designs are protected by trademark and/or copyright laws. In keeping with the principle of Decommodification, these trademarks and copyrights may not be used for any commercial or third-party purposes without LBB’s written consent.

The same goes with the Burning Man symbol, the phrases “Burning Man” and “Black Rock City,” the design of the Burning Man (aka “the Man”). These are protected by trademark and/or copyright law and should not be used in association to Amber Burn for any commercial or third party purposes without the Burning Man Project’s written consent.

The artworks placed on the Amber Burn site are copyrighted creations. There are authors of the artwork who have their moral right to be indicated as the authors, as well as their copyright to control exploitation of their artwork (including images thereof), especially for commercial purposes.

Every photo and video taken is a copyrighted work per se. There is always a photographer who made it and has the moral right to be known as the author of the visual material as well as the copyright to control its usage, especially for commercial purposes.

Good Practice Examples:
When uploading and (re)posting images - please indicate the author of a picture. This will save the photographer's moral right to be known as the author.

When your photo or video shows an artwork - please indicate the name of the art project and the author (or team) who created it.

When you are Amber Burn community member and organize your own event of creativity, please do not use phrase “Amber Burn” in your promotional materials.

When you have taken a bunch of beautiful photos at Amber Burn and want to display’em in a gallery, paper or digital album  - consult LBB first. In doing so please follow this Media Policy’s recommendations and requirements, mind people's privacy, the Intellectual property and Decommodificate.


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